The Adversary and creative destruction

Progress is achieved through strife. Always. Nothing comes from stagnation but more of the same. It is the outsider, the hated, the different that causes progress in this world. Scientific discoveries, philosophical breakthroughs, political revolutions, it is that which we call Satan, the Black Flame, which creates all of these. Who else, but the rebel is it that brings forth chaos from which progress can yet again manifest? Who else, but the dark hand of Satan?

Satan, that figure whose very name means adversary, why should it be a surprise that it’s none but him that creates all that we now take for granted, but fought tooth and nail to prevent just yesterday?

Lucifer, the light-bearer, the bringer of knowledge, is it thou who hast fallen from heaven, or is it thee who hast created heaven for thyself?

Prometheus, the great one, it is you who defied the very forces that define yourself to bring forth the knowledge we now wield at our fingertips. Fire, flame, that primordial force that defines the principle of human progress. To plant a field, one must first burn the weeds that corrupt the land.

Set, the primordial darkness, it is you who lights the Black Flame within me. None but you may feed its roaring flames. You, who brought yourself into being, yet do not exist lest I initiate the process of coming into being.

Óðinn, the lord of the mysteries, you cast yourself into the sea abyss only to emerge with that undefiled, immaculate wisdom which we all seek. None shall follow, all shall lead.

Thor, the master of change, it is you I speak of. It is you who defeats the forces of the Thurisaz, but why? For the old to be thrust aside and the new to be brought forth. For creative destruction.

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One thought on “The Adversary and creative destruction

  1. satanismuk says:

    Well said. I wrote on this subject today.

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