Cutting Edge Ministries: FREEMASONRY PROVEN TO BE OCCULTIC!! 2/3 & 3/3

Welcome to the last part of my series on Cutting Edge Ministries. I’ll be addressing the last two parts of their second series on Freemasonry, found here. I’d also suggest reading the first part of my series before reading this.

Here Bay is talking about a book called Men Who Walked With God: “Also, this Eckert mentioned here: if this is Meister Eckert of Germany, this is damning to Freemasonry, because this Eckert was the leader of the infamous Thule Society in Germany in the early 1900’s.” That’s really interesting, being as Meister Eckhart (of Germany) died around the year 1327!

Bay has this to say about Marie Corelli: The Writer & the Woman: “The story of Lilith is absolutely straight out of the pit of Hell.” Actually, many scholars believe that Lilith is discussed in the Bible (Isaiah 34:13–15). In Kabbalah Lilith was the first wife of Adam.

“They evidently have not actually read the Old Testament, if they teach that eternal punishment is not taught in Jewish Scriptures.” Or perhaps you haven’t. The only concept of a place of punishment Judaism has is Gehenna. This is a place where people are judged for their shortcomings and mistakes in this life, but the longest time one can spend there is said to be 12 months, so no eternal torture there.

“Vegetarianism is one of the common points between all pagan religions of all ages. Is it because God Himself told man to “kill and eat”? We believe so.” Yeah, that’s pretty contradictory with your stuff.

“Another attempt to debunk the uniqueness of Jesus Christ” As a historic fact, the story of Jesus isn’t all that unique.

“Notice the misquotation of Scripture, 1 Corinthians 15:21-22. Here, they quote verse 21, but leave out the completion of the Truth, verse 22, which reads, “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” By not quoting verse 22, the entire meaning of this passage changes, making possible a Mystical Reinterpretation.” That’s pretty ironic coming from you, with the “Freemasonry is identical to ancient mysteries” and all.

“Leadbeater is recognized as one of the most important Masonic leaders of all time. Therefore, it is highly significant that he writes this book as an attempt to further lead astray those Freemason members who still “hold to” their traditional Christianity.” Leadbeater was more known for his Theosophic writings, not so much for his Masonic works. He was also a Christian thinker. Also, how is suggesting that one should think of the “real meaning” of ones beliefs an attempt to lead others astray?

“Pike is the “most revered Sovereign Grand Commander in the history of the Rite.” Do not let any Mason tell you that Modern Freemasonry has repudiated the Luciferianism of Albert Pike, in an attempt to deflect justifiable criticism.” Freemasonry hasn’t repudiated it, it just doesn’t exist.

And that’s it. The last part of the series is done. That was… exhausting. This series turned out to be a bit tricky, not because the claims made by Bay had any truth to them, but because of the sheer dishonesty on his part, especially in his rather obscure quotes, some of which I just could not find anywhere, this was especially so during parts 3-4. I won’t make a habit of responding to things like this, I just saw this website pop up so often when discussing Freemasonry that I just had to do this. Hopefully we can now move beyond this into a discussion that’s at least somewhat meaningful.

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