Joseph ‘Doc’ Marquis

Joseph ‘Doc’ Marquis is one of the more ridiculous figures in the conspiracy theory and anti-occult scene. He claims to be an ex-Illuminati witch, however his claims have less credibility than the average town drunk. I’ll list some of the claims here, paired with a commentary.

Marquis claims that he was made a high priest at thirteen years of age, becoming a “Master Witch” at the age of seventeen. Having attained this title, Marquis claims that he was given control of the towns of Methuen and Lawrence in Massachusetts and Salem in New Hampshire.

This without anyone knowing, including his family. One wonders what sort of child mastermind Marquis was, considering that he was able to avoid detection by anyone, never mind lead a coven of adults as a 13 year old, no less. After that we was able to run a regional operation requiring rather sophisticated secrecy and operational skills, as a 17 year old.

He claims to have witnessed over a hundred human sacrifices in the 20 years that we was supposedly in the Illuminati.

He first claimed that the bodies were simply dumped in the woods or roadsides, but apparently due to the lack of found bodies, he changed this story to say that the bodies were carefully disposed of.

Marquis claims that he left the Illuminati in 1979, resulting in the Illuminati issuing a half million dollar contract on his life. Marquis claims that there have been eight attempts on his life.

By contrast, a million dollar contract was placed on the head of Salman Rushdie, resulting him to go deep underground for an extended period of time. Marquis has done nothing to hide himself. Marquis also claims to have reported at least one of these attempts, but can’t remember where or to what agency.

Mike Warnke, “Dr” Rebecca Brown, Elaine Moses and Lauren Stratford were all members of the Illuminati.

All of whom have made equally implausible stories regarding Satanism.

Gavin Frost (Church And School of Wicca), Laurie Cabot (Witches League for Public Awareness) and Raymond Buckland (well known Wiccan author) are leaders of the Illuminati.

No evidence is provided, nor is there any consistency between the beliefs and practices of these people and the claims made by Marquis.

In 1990 there were at least 300,000 and maybe as many as 3,000,000 witches in New England alone.

In 2000 there were barely 750,000 Wiccans in the US.

He knows of one coven with a membership of 65,000.

No one else in the community knows of this coven, a coven which would be extraordinarily large. To contrast, none of the covens located within reasonable distance of me have over 15 members.

Laurie Cabot’s coven has a membership of 2,000.

Yet her events drew only about 1/10 of that.

That the 19th century French Ceremonial Magician Eliphas Levi was a Witch.

False, pure and simple.

That June 21 is called “Melitha” by Witches.

It’s called “Litha”.

That police protect Illuminati gatherings.

Yet he can’t remember a single name or agency, something he perhaps should have known, since he was in charge of entire regions.

After being questioned on, for instance, not assisting on missing person cases or, you know, stopping the human sacrifices that are supposedly going on, he had this to say:

“You know, something like this, that was long ago, that in my past now. I mean, I can’t worry about it. It may sound cruel and heartless, but I’ve got things going on right now that I have to do, that really take precedence.”

Other things, such as selling sensationalist books of outrageous stories of Satanism, perhaps? You’re too busy making a buck, it seems.

“The Illuminati, they are the, basically, just to sum it up, the Illuminati heads all of witchcraft, the occult, worldwide. Every, every organization that’s rooted into the occult follows orders through them.”

Well that’s an odd statement to make, particularly since it’s demonstrably false.

“See, all other organizations, as far as the occult goes, are free to have their own dates of worship also, but they must incorporate within their belief those eight days of human sacrifice. They have to.”

I suppose he’s eluding to the eight Sabbaths in Wicca, none of which include human sacrifice. Furthermore, not all occult organizations use include these eight days in their system.

“Most witches, its very interesting. It doesn’t matter if they’re white, what they call white witchcraft, black witchcraft… Say, with the white witches, they say that they’re good, they don’t practice evil magic or human sacrifice, and what all strikes me off, that for people who do not practice human sacrifice they know the ins and outs of human sacrifice, why its done, the whole theology behind it, everything down to the last jot and tittle. And yet these people are supposed to be innocent, they know nothing but good and all this.”

No book on white witchcraft includes rituals including human sacrifice. Nor do books on black witchcraft. I recognize the hypocrisy of white witches, but for different reasons. I don’t know where you’re getting this supposed expertise on human sacrifice by white witches, either.

“What happens is, you know if its anything other than a breeder, the person will usually be drugged to a very passive state, throughout the ceremony , the ceremony will usually start around eleven, because by twelve o’clock they have to kill the person, OK. Depending on the ceremony, about an hour later they’ll bring in the person, lay him down on the altar, usually the person is completely naked. The occult term for this is skyclad, they will take a ceremonial knife we call an athame, OK, and they will cut, usually from the throat down to here. Because of the position on the altar… Because they’re holding the chalice on the other side catching the blood in it. Then afterwards they will pass it around to all the members. Now the reason this is done, is because a dying person emits a lot of energy, and its believed in witchcraft that a witch can actually add to their own power by feeding off this energy.

Yet you don’t offer any evidence for this. By the way, the Athame isn’t meant to be used to cause physical harm, ever.

Now that’s only one style of human sacrifice. We have those witches we call cowans, C-O-W-A-N, that a traitor, that’s what I am, because I left the order.

Cowan doesn’t refer to a traitor. In Wicca it refers to someone who isn’t a Wiccan, nothing more, nothing less. In some organizations it does refer to an eavesdropper or someone who’s taking part of witnessing a ritual without proper initiation. However, it doesn’t refer to a traitor.

“Another one is Dr. Raymond Buckland. He used to be head of the anthropology department at Harvard University. He’s in [the Illuminati]… He sits on the council of Thirteen.”

A telling mistakes, since Buckland was never the head of the anthropology department, a claim which was earlier made by another author writing for Chick Publications. This is a common mistake within the anti-occult community, they often merely use sources who already agree with them without checking the original sources.

“There are witch queens right now who are 13 years old whose entire authority is over an entire state. Their word is law.”

Every female who attains the third degree in a wiccan tradition is granted the title of “Witch Queen”. The title isn’t all that significant, it grants the Wiccan no absolute power. Furthermore, it isn’t possible for a thirteen year old to be initiated into most covens, certainly not into the third degree.

“Most initiations, most people who are recruited into witchcraft, its done at the junior high and high school levels, and a lot of the people who do the recruiting are the teachers themselves.

Left-hand path organizations don’t accept initiates this young, nor do white witches. It’s mostly Christians who are recruiting young people.

“Laurie Cabot is secretly a member of the Illuminati… ’cause most of the leaders of the Earth Mother Religion are actually members of the Illuminati.


“[Laurie Cabot] puts out a monthly, bi-yearly newsletter called ‘The Report.’ She made some of the most horrendous, slanderous remarks, outright lies, combination of sentences that would have thrown a compound into a cardiac arrest that I have ever seen in my entire life.

He’s talking about the WLPA-report (Witches League for Public Awareness, an anti-defamation league for Wicca), that called him out on his ridiculous claims, so obviously he wasn’t happy. That’s why he’s calling it slanderous and dishonest.

“The problem is Satanism, just like witchcraft, the Mother Religion, the Rosicrucians, are all protected by the First Amendment. This falls under religious worship. Freedom of Religion. They will get better tax exemptions that most Baptist churches I know of. So we’re having a problem here as far as the leniency of the First Amendment.

Yes, to think that people are allowed to believe what they wish, dreadful. However, these religions don’t get “better tax exempt-status”, whatever that may mean. On the contrary, for instance the Temple of Set, I believe, isn’t tax exempt at all. Most neo-pagan and Left-hand path religions have to fight for recognition.

“Whitney Streiber, is the biggest, the most obnoxious individual I’ve ever met…

Clearly, since she made Marquis look foolish on the Oprah-show, way back in 1987.

“And that was the founder, its interesting, we’re taught this in the Illuminati, that the founders of witchcraft were Semiramis and his some Nimrod[sic. I believe he means “son” rather than “some”]

It seems that the Illuminati doesn’t know much about Christian scripture, and apparently neither does Marquis. Nimrod actually wasn’t Semiramis’ son. While Semiramis was a real person, there’s no evidence to suggest that Nimrod was.

“Satanists, ah, no, we don’t bother with them. They’re considered, ah, lower class, in the occult. They believe in Satan, you see. The Illuminati, we don’t. That’s because we believe in Lucifer. We don’t believe in Satan.

This is interesting, because most anti-occultists try to tie the Illuminati, and pretty much every occult organization in the world, to Satanism, to use some sort of tactic of “this sounds ominous, therefore I win”.

Joseph Marquis wrote several books, some of which are referenced here. These include: America’s Occult Holidays, The Illuminati’s Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Front Men of the IlluminatiThe Illuminati’s New World Order, Inner Circle of the Illuminati, Memoirs of a Former Illuminati WitchSecrets of the Illuminati and Signs and Symbols of Satan.

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