Cutting Edge Ministries, Part 2: Freemasonry & Satan

Alright, we got through the first part of the “FREEMASONRY PROVEN TO WORSHIP LUCIFER” series on Cutting Edge Ministries, so let’s jump right into part 2. You can go see for yourself here.

This symbol is probably the most easily recognizable Masonic symbol in the world, even more important than the Compass/Square/Rule.  Most people assume that these two birds are Eagles, but such an assumption would be deadly wrong.  These two birds are the Phoenix Bird of Ancient Egyptian Mythology.  Listen to the explanation from Masonic author, Manly P. Hall, 33 Degree, K.T., in his book,The Phoenix: An Illustrated Review of Occultism and Philosophy .  [Before we begin, I find it highly interesting that Hall would admit, by his use of this title, that Freemasonry is occultic].

I know right, the best part is that he didn’t actually admit that, although you could argue that it is.

Let us stop right here to examine Satan’s counterfeit “Born Again” experience.  Freemasons, as do all occultists, refer to their initiates who have completed their initiation, as being “Born Again“.  I will never forget 1988, when George Bush was on the Presidential Campaign Trail; he was being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and she posed him a question which evidently caught him off guard.  Walters asked Bush if he was a Christian.  Bush visibly faltered, cast his eyes down for a moment, and then answered, “If by being a Christian, you ask if I am ‘Born Again’, then yes, I am a Christian”.  I came straight out of my chair because no truly Born Again Christian would have parsed their words so carefully.  However, an occultist, which Bush certainly was by virtue of his life-long membership in the Illuminist Masonic secret society of Skull & Bones, would have answered precisely this way.  Occultists claim to be Born Again , and they are filled with religious ecstasy when the spirit of Lucifer sweeps through them upon Initiation.

Bush actually was born again in the Christian sense. As for the sweeping ecstasy of Lucifer, I’d have to ask for proof. By the way, isn’t “no truly Born Again Christian would have parsed their words so carefully” a bit like saying “Born Again Christians are kinda dumb”?

Now, let us return to our discussion of this Phoenix Bird.  Listen to the explanation given by a radical feminist, Barbara Walker, in her occult book, Now Is The Dawning , p. 281.  Egyptians believed that the Phoenix was the representative of a god who “rose to heaven in the form of a morning star, like Lucifer, after his fire-immolation of death and rebirth …”

Wow!  In one sweet, short, and simple sentence, we have conclusive proof that the Phoenix bird is a symbol of Lucifer !

OK. First of all, this Barbara person you cite is quite hard to find. The only source I can find for her is literally the same sentence you gave here, just posted on different sites. This was also the case with Frederick Goodman, whom you cited earlier. Second, why should I care what Barbara here thinks? I don’t give her any credit, and neither do at the very least most Masonic lodges. Lastly, I could say that “Right, Jesus actually represents Pan, so therefore all Christians are actually Satanists”, that doesn’t make it so. See what I mean here?

Listen now to the testimony of another former witch, William Schnoebelen, in his book, Satan’s Door Revisited , p. 4.  “The Phoenix, of Bunnu is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt … This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes.  Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who was cast down in flames and who … will one day rise triumphant.  This [belief] also relates to the raising of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic ‘christ’.”

Schnoebelen, just like most “former [insert bad ideology here]s”, is a fool. He has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s obvious that these “former occultists” or whatever are lying, because they screw up the most elementary ideas of every single occult ideology. Therefore, I don’t care what he says.

Manly P. Hall, in his book, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry , states, “These were the immortals to whom the term ‘phoenix’ was applied, and their symbol was the mysterious two-headed bird, now called an eagle , a familiar and little understood Masonic emblem .” [p. 108; Emphasis added]

Albert Pike, in Magnum Opus, writes, “… the Eagle was the living Symbol of Egyptian God Mendes … and the representative of the Sun …” [p. xviii]

I was actually unable to verify the quote by Hall, none of the versions of the book had a passage resembling the one you quoted. I did, however, find a more appropriate quote by Manly P. Hall from The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Both Herodotus and Pliny noted the general resemblance in shape between the phoenix and the eagle, a
point which the reader should carefully consider, for it is reasonably certain that the modern Masonic eagle was originally a phoenix. The body of the phoenix is described as having been covered with glossy purple feathers, while its long tail feathers were alternately blue and red. Its head was light in color and about its neck was a circlet of golden plumage. At the back of its head the phoenix had a peculiar tuft of feathers, a fact quite evident, although it has been overlooked by most writers and symbolists.The phoenix was regarded as sacred to the sun, and the length of its life (500 to 1000 years) was taken as a standard for measuring the motion of the heavenly bodies and also the cycles of time used in the Mysteries to designate the periods of existence. The diet of the bird was unknown. Some writers declare that it subsisted upon the atmosphere; others that it ate at rare intervals but never in the presence of man. Modern Masons should realize the special Masonic significance of the phoenix, for the bird is described as using sprigs of acacia in the manufacture of its nest.

I don’t see anything damning here, really. Now, you manage to compress a bunch of puzzling statements into one sentence, so let’s go through them one by one. “In one sentence, we see the admission that the Phoenix Bird of Ancient Satanic Egypt” Really? You’re calling Egypt Satanic? OK, then. “was changed into the Masonic Eagle” The eagle has its roots in the phoenix, rather. ” and then Pike’s admits that the Eagle is the Symbol of the Sun God and of the God of Mendes” Actually, Pike said *was*,  not is. “both symbols being common Satanic symbols of Satan/Lucifer !” Which you haven’t proven.

Remember also the Satanic meaning of the phrase depicted below the symbol depicted below the Eagles — “DEUS MEUMQUE JUS”.  As we explained in free11, this is a typical Satanic Latin phrase, meaning, “… Masons are saying that they are “using occult methods”, through Lucifer, to achieve their Rights and Justice.”  [Read free11 for full details]

Which I disproved earlier.

Another Masonic writer, J.D. Buck, blasphemously writes, “It is far more important that men should strive to become Christs than that they should believe that Jesus was Christ.” [J.D. Buck, Mystic Masonry , Illinois: Indo-American Book Co., 1913, Sixth Edition, p. 138]  Let us hear that terribly blasphemous statement again : 

“It is far more important that men should strive to become Christs than that they should believe that Jesus was Christ.”

Once again, Masonry is revealed to NOT BE CHRISTIAN , in any way, shape, or form.  But, this statement denies the unique Deity of Jesus Christ; therefore, Freemasonry teaching qualifies as being part of the forces of Antichrist.  Listen:

1 John 2:22 — “Who is such a liar as he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is the antichrist who habitually denies and refuses to acknowledge the Father and the Son. No one who habitually denies or disowns the Son even has the Father.” [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary ]

1. Freemasonry isn’t monolithic, people are going to disagree. Masons are free to interpret the teachings as they wish.

2. Nobody’s talking about denying anyone.

In addition to denying that Jesus is the Christ come in flesh, this statement also teaches that man can save himself.  Obviously, Freemasonry cannot be considered Christian in any way, shape, or form when it teaches this heresy straight out of the pit of Satan’s Hell.

Why don’t you back that up, then we can have a discussion.

Now, let us return to the subject of the Triangle pointing upward representing the Perfect or Divine Man;  Masonic writer Albert Churchward states standard occult belief when he further identifies the Upright Triangle.  Churchward writes that this triangle, with point up, represents Set!  The name, Set, is one of the Infernal Names of Satan, as listed in the SatanicBible written by Satanic High Priest, Anton LaVey! [Churchward’s book was, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man , London: George Allen and Company, Ltd., 1913, Second Edition, p. 189, 309, 471.]

Masonic authors William Meyer and J.S.M. Ward, also wrote that this type triangle was worn in India by followers of Shiva, who wear it in their foreheads!  Shiva is another Infernal Name listed in the Satanic Bible as another name for Satan! {Meyer wrote this in, The Order of the Eastern Star, p. 20; Ward wrote this information in, Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods, London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co., Ltd., 1921, p. 10-11.  Occult writer, R.P. Lawrie Krishna said the same thing in The Lamb Slain — Supreme Sacrifice .

You neglect to mention that it isn’t quite as simple as triangle=Set. A triangle was used to represent other divine concepts as well, such as a trinity. Furthermore, Set certainly is not the same as Satan. Clearly, you wouldn’t be able understand the archetype, you’re too far gone into your dogma, but if you don’t know anything about it, perhaps you shouldn’t make absolute judgments regarding it. Furthermore, I suppose trigonometry is the pinnacle of evil, right? I mean, obviously it would have to be since, triangles are evil. I did not know that. I suppose were going to have to discard a good chunk of modern science now.


No kidding!  The hexagram is really a most powerful symbol, to witches, sorcerers, and magicians!  The hexagram is used in all sorts of magic, witchcraft, occultism and the casting of zodiacal horoscopes.

No, it’s not. Quite simply.

Because it has six points, and because it contains a ‘666 ‘, the hexagram is considered to be Satan’s most powerful symbol.

It doesn’t contain 666, which is a mistake in translation of the Bible to begin with, nor is it considered to be “Satan’s most powerful symbol”.

Look at the hexagram above.  The first six is formed by the sides of each triangle facing the clockwise direction; the second six is formed by the sides of each triangle formed by facing the counterclockwise direction; the third six is formed by the sides of the inner hexagon.

That makes no sense.

Two witches explain further that the hexagram was used as a “stand-by for Magicians and Alchemists.  The Sorcerers believed it represented the footprint of a special kind of demon called a ‘trud’, and used it in ceremonies both to call up demons and to keep them away.” [Gary Jennings, Black Magic, White Magic, Eau Claire, WI, The Dial Press, 1964, p. 51.  Also Harry E. Wedeck, Treasury of Witchcraft , New York, Philosophical Library, 1961, p. 135]

Good on them. I don’t particularly care what some witches think.

Take another look at the above hexagram; it is used to conjure up demons, making them appear in this dimension to do the bidding of the witch.

That’s not how demonology(deamonolgy, by its more appropriate name) works.

Former Illuminist Satanist Doc Marquis confirms that hexagrams are used to call forth demons to place spells and curses on the intended victim

The same ‘Doc’ Marquis who has no credibility whatsoever. His claims include 8 attempts at his life, the first of which he claims to have reported to the police, but can’t remember where or to what agency. He claims to have served as a high priest in a secret society without anyone knowing when he was thirteen, that would imply some rather interesting parenting. Another claim he once made was that the bodies left from the rituals were simply dumped in woods, roadsides and such, but later, apparently due to lack of evidence, he changed this story to say that the bodies were carefully disposed of. This guy seems legit.

The word, HEX , comes from this practice.

It certainly does not. It comes from the old High German word hagzissa, meaning “witch”.

The hexagram is also a symbol of the sex act and reproduction.  Masonic author, Albert G. Mackey provides us with the occult explanation in his book, The Symbolism of Freemasonry, [p. 195, 1869 A.D.]  The triangle pointing downward “is a female symbol corresponding to the ‘yoni’ and the upward pointing triangle is the male, the ‘lingam’.  When the two triangles are interlaced, it represents the union of the active and passive forces in nature; it represents the male and female elements.” [Also explained inDid You Know? Vignettes in Masonry from the Royal Arch Mason Magazine , Missouri Lodge of Research, 1965, p. 132, Wes Cook, Editor]

If you have not figured it out already, the occultist, the paganist, worships sex

Actually, the hexagram represents balance and harmony, it really has nothing to do with sex.

in fact, they worship most everything in Nature

Nope. Frankly, you seem a bit too daft to understand the fundamentals of the occult. You can’t seem to even understand the difference between worship and symbolism.

Truly, Albert Pike, Grand Commander of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, was right when he bragged, “Freemasonry is identical with the Mysteries”.

That, too, was debunked earlier.

Speaking of the sexual connotation of the hexagram, another witch revealed, “When the male triangle penetrates the female triangle, it produces the six pointed crest of Solomon or hexagram, the most wicked symbol in witchcraft”. [David J. Meyer, Dancing With Demons: The Music’s Real Master ]

You expect me to believe that a witch’s writings are being publish by Chick Pub? I think not.

This was an odd part in the series, since it wasn’t necessarily that the claims we demonstrably false, but rather that there were some unsubstantiated claims here. Some sources that were either not trustworthy or sources that couldn’t be confirmed. There were also some basic misunderstandings, whether intentional or not.

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